Investment Management

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Equity investment as easy as 1,2,3.

Powerful multi-criteria screening tools

Generate new investment ideas and quickly identify the best opportunities. Peer Tracker allows you to build peer groups using industry classifications, and with Market Screener, filter the database according to your own criteria (universe, industry or financial).

Unique comparative top-down analysis

Use Infront Analytics League Tables to easily rank a list of companies based on a set of custom criteria. A League Table is a list of companies belonging to an index, a sector index or a personal list, ranked according to a financial criterion. Such tables are useful for instance to analyze an equity market across industry sectors.

Customizable stock reports in one click

The Infront Analytics Excel Add-in enables you to quickly export web pages into Excel, including company financials, market data, earnings estimates, as well as analytics. Create your own personalized Excel reports, totally customizable and refreshable for multiple company lists.