Peer Analysis

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Take advantage of our predefined peer groups and unique tools for the identification of the best comparable companies - even within highly specific industry sectors. After saving your peer group, access market multiples and financial ratios in a single click.

Peer Groups

Cornerstone of comparable company analysis, peer groups creation is greatly facilitated in the Infront Analytics platform. Use our predefined peer groups (international, regional or domestic) provided for any selected company; and customize them to your needs or build your own peer groups with our patented Peer Tracker tool, using industry classifications.

Comparable Valuation

Infront Analytics comparable analysis tables are an effective way to easily and quickly compare companies side-by-side, using either predefined or user-defined lists of comparables. Available tables include:(i) Market multiples: current, historical, forecast, LTM, NTM. (ii) Financial ratios: growth, profitability, margins, liquidity, capital structure, asset utilization. (iii) Stock analytics: beta, stock performance.

GPRV Analysis

GPRV is a patented tool for assessing the relative value of listed stocks using fundamental analysis. It provides a graphical view of a stock’s attractiveness through 4 categories: Growth, Profitability, Risk and Value. With GPRV, any company with estimates data can be easily benchmarked against any other company with estimates data or any list of comparables.