Find. Compare. Evaluate.
Find. Compare. Evaluate.
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Data & Analytics
Peer Analysis
Reports & Models
Market Analysis
Work smarter
Don't reinvent the wheel.
Use the latest technology
to get better and faster results.
Don't take information for granted.
Compare. Challenge other sources.
Make informed decisions.
Look professional
Build easily refreshable
models and reports with
your company's logo and colours.
Equity Analysis Platform
The smartest business
and equity research
platform for finance
A web and Excel platform
to streamline your process
with easy access to
information and time-saving
Visual application
Infront Analytics Visual
widget-based application
makes it easier and faster to
integrate equity analytics
across desktop applications,
mobile, and beyond.
Built upon HTML 5 and JavaScript industry standards, Visual combines cost effectiveness (low integration cost and no maintenance), innovation (cutting-edge actionable components) and timeliness (ready-made components).