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We provide high quality analytics on an unmatched global coverage of over 80,000 active public companies. Our recognized expertise in cross country standardization ensures consistent financial calculations across markets and industries.

Standardized Financials

Our data providers collect and store every line item reported by a company on the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow. The standardization process then groups like items together into a standardized model that is common for all companies operating in the same industry. It also separates nonrecurring from recurring items in order to allow analysts to properly assess a company’s performance.

Multiples & Ratios

In Infront Analytics, you can instantly access market multiples (current, historical, forecast, LTM, NTM) and financial ratios (growth, profitability, margins, liquidity, capital structure, asset utilization). In addition, multiples and ratios charts allow you to quickly analyze a company’s financial performance over a period of time, and compare it against the performance of another company or personal list.

Company Coverage

Infront Analytics offers the best global company coverage, particularly on mid and small capitalizations, by integrating industry leading data sources for fundamentals and earnings estimates. Over the years, we have built an undisputed expertise in data quality, including cross-country standardization, data feed integration and data validation.