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Company valuation made quick and easy.

The best comparable companies

Cornerstone of comparable company analysis, peer groups creation is greatly facilitated in the Infront Analytics platform. Use our predefined peer groups (international, regional or domestic) provided for any selected company – even within highly specific industry sectors; and customize them to your needs or build your own peer groups with our patented Peer Tracker tool.

Betas, ratios and multiples in one click

Once your peer group is set, instantly access market multiples, including: (i) current multiples, calculating using the current value for EV, (ii) historical multiples, calculated using the market cap or the EV at the fiscal year end date, and (iii) forward multiples, calculated using earnings estimates.

Customized valuation models

Excel modelling is available for all data items of the Infront Analytics platform. With the Excel Add-in, you can create your own personalized and customizable Excel reports. You can also access our library of pre-built customizable Excel models.