Reports & Models

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Custom reports. No expertise required.

Build your comp table on the web and export it to Excel in one click. When you need to refresh your data, it's just one more click. Want a full company report in PDF format? Again, you are just a click away. If you have more time, you can even browse our model library.

Company Factsheet

The Infront Analytics factsheet is a PDF report, downloadable in one click, that summarizes all key information about a company and comparable companies. It can be customized in terms of language, comparables (second company, predefined comparables, …) and calculations (currency, reference index, …). Use it to communicate internally or externally about the rationale of your stock investment decisions.


Data Export

The data content displayed on web views often needs to be reused; hence the following tools have been developed for efficient data sharing: (i) Chart download, to print or export the chart as an image or PDF, (ii) Quick export to Excel, to export the current view as a non-refreshable model, (iii) Smart export to Excel, to export the current view as a refreshable model.

Excel Modeling

Excel modelling is available for all data items of the Infront Analytics platform. With the Excel Add-in, you can create your own personalized and customizable Excel reports. You can also access our library of pre-built customizable Excel models.